Getting Married? Create A Joint Account With The Help Of A Financial Adviser

When young couples get married, they are making a major investment in their joint future. Often, they will decide to create a joint account that they can use to raise a large amount of funds. Here's why this is a benefit and how financial advisers can help.

More Couples Are Combining Their Finances

In the past, joint bank accounts were very normal. However, these were often a case of the bride combining her finances in an account that her husband owned. These days, more couples are splitting their finances in an equal manner. The idea behind this method is to create a joint account that both couples contribute to during their relationship.

What is interesting about this approach is that it allows both partners in the marriage to share a certain amount of money while also having their own finances. This joint account can then be used for important financial decisions, such as buying a car or a home.

How Much Can Be Saved?

So when is it a good idea for a couple to combine their finances in this way? Typically, it works best when both work and have a similarly paying job. The amount that they invest should also be small enough so that neither person struggles financially. Think about 10-15 percent of a monthly income for a good idea of how much can be saved.

So if both members of the relationship make about $4,000 a month, that would be about $600 per person. That's $1,200 per month or, when collected of a full year, about $14,400. That's a lot of money for a couple to raise in a year, so it is important to find a good financial adviser who will help them manage their money in an intelligent way.

How Financial Advisers Can Help

Due to the large amount of money stored in this kind of joint account, it is wise to use a financial advisor to help expand it even further. For example, they can find stocks, bonds, and other investment options that help increase the value of their joint account quickly and efficiently. They can then provide an outlet for investment in other fields.

Even more importantly, they can also help the couple if a divorce or some kind of breakup strikes. Figuring out a joint account situation when large amounts of money are at stake will require the skilled and impartial help of a financial advisor.

By contacting a skilled financial advisor, newly married couples can help eliminate the difficulties inherent in managing an account of this size. It will then provide the couple with a steady and safe nest egg for emergencies.